Family Handbook

On this page you can find important information for families about using the services of the Deniliquin Children’s Centre.


You can download the complete 2020-21 Family Handbook here (PDF)

Preparing for your day

Please label all children’s belongings.


Families are requested to dress children in clothing that gives protection from the sun

  •  shirts/ dresses with collars and sleeves, trousers or longer shorts/skirt, all made from closely woven material. Children under 12 months of age will not be exposed to direct sunlight.


  • broad brimmed hats (not caps) for children that protect the face, neck, ears and crown of the head for outdoor activities. Hats are available for purchase from the admin office.


  • During the months of June and July (where the UV index is mostly below 3) children and educators may bring beanies for warmth outdoors.


Toileting and nappy changing will be carried out at frequent intervals and as needed throughout the day as required. Please ensure that an adequate amount of underwear and change of clothes are provided.  When children commence toilet training, please ensure you provide a disposable nappy for sleep time if required. Nappies – six nappies (each day)


Children who will or may sleep or rest:

  • Comfort items such as dummy, teddy, lambskin


For the Mobile service families are also asked to bring:

  • Two flat cot sheets

  • Blanket/sleeping bag depending on the climate


Lunch and snacks

As part of our Nutrition Policy Lunch and snacks are provided for children at centre-based Child Care. Please ensure that educators are kept up to date with your child’s dietary needs and intolerances.

Families at the preschool and mobile service are asked to provide the following for their child.

  • Nutritious snacks packed for morning and afternoon tea eg. fruit, dried fruit, savoury biscuits (saladas, cruskit, rice cakes) or yoghurt

  • Nutritious lunch eg. sandwich, yoghurt or salads (left over dinner can be reheated)


There may be children attending services with food allergies that may be life threatening.  Families will be made aware of the specific allergens via signage at the service. We ask that you consider these intolerances from your child’s lunchbox to minimise the risk to these children.


At all services children should bring a drink bottle with - water or milk ONLY

Drinking water is always available.


Formula and Breast Milk

We aim to work with families with children who are still being breastfed and provide a supportive environment by feeding children breast milk supplied by their families. We will provide a supportive environment for mothers to breastfeed.


Expressed breast milk or formula should be brought to the service in a clean sterile container labelled with the date and the child’s name.


Families need to provide bottles for use in the service. Bottles will be warmed in a bottle warmer. All bottles will be washed after use.

Medical conditions

If your child has a diagnosed medical condition, they cannot attend a service without a Medical Management Plan being completed by the family and the family doctor. A risk minimisation plan will then be developed for them. This will then be communicated to all educators in the “buddy bag”

Families are required to ensure that all relevant medication (including emergency medications) is always at the service  that child is in attendance. (NB medication cannot be shared between services)


A Medication record must be completed by the parent or another authorised person.


Medication must:

  • Be authorised in writing by a parent or another authorised person

  • Be prescribed by a doctor

  • Be in the original container

  • Have not expired

  • Have an original label and instructions that can be clearly read


Please see an educators for more information.


Educators welcome the opportunity to celebrate children’s birthdays with them. If you would like your child celebrate at the centre, please bring along a cake or something else the children can share (not lollies). We usually celebrate birthdays at morning or afternoon tea and families are welcome to come along and share this special time. Educators take photographs of the party for the child to keep. To minimise the spread of germs when the child blows out the candles, families are encouraged to provide a separate cupcake (with a candle if they wish) for the birthday child and enough cupcakes for all the other children or provide a separate cupcake (with a candle if they wish) for the birthday child and a large cake that can be cut and shared. Please provide a list of ingredients. Please let the Educators know in advance so that they can organise a treat for any child who is unable to eat cake due to dietary requirements.

Toys from home

Comfort toys (e.g. Rug, teddy etc.) that help a child settle, are more than welcome. Toys from home can become lost or broken and it saves a lot of heartache if these items are left at home, but if children bring them, we will encourage them to show their friends, then put them away in their bag for safekeeping.  We encourage the children to bring nature items and other items of general interest.

What to do in case of sickness or absence


Please notify the service when a child will be absent. This can be done by calling the Centre on 03 5881 2394.

For the protection of well children and staff, we ask that children not come to the centre if they have:

  • an elevated temperature, 38 degrees or greater

  • vomited within a 24-hour period

  • Diarrhoea within 24 hours

  • Ear, eye or discoloured nasal discharge.

  • Visible rashes that have not been diagnosed by a physician

  • a severe cough, runny nose and/or congestion

  • any communicable disease – please see exclusion guidelines at the back of this booklet.


Families are asked to refrain from bringing their children to the service if they have required pain relief medication within 6 hours of arrival time. Families are unable to leave their child in care if pain relief medication has been given.

If your child develops a rash, temperature or in the opinion of the educators, becomes ill during the day, you will be contacted to collect your child. In the event we are unable to reach you, we will call the emergency contact to pick up your child.

Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to the centre.


If your child has discharge from the eyes, a rash or any other ailment that cannot be identified, the Department of Health requires a physician to ensure the child is not contagious. A written statement or Doctor’s Certificate may be required on the child’s return.

You are required to notify the service immediately if an enrolled child or their sibling is diagnosed with an infectious disease.

A doctors certificate is required to state that your child is well before they can return to the service. 

Recommended minimum exclusion periods (Download PDF)


Arriving and departing

Signing in and out

Signing your child in and out of the centre is a legal requirement.  It is done using Kiosk at the entry to the service. If you need to add a person who is authorized to pick up your child, see the admin office or the Nominated Supervisor to fill in an enrolment update form.  Educators may ask to see photo identification.



Please help your child to unpack their bag – drink bottles, morning tea and lunch containers and place them in the appropriate place at each venue. Please note any medication must be handed to the Nominated Supervisor of Qualified educator.



Children, families and educators are encouraged to wash their hands on arrival and before leaving the service to prevent the spread of germs. Personal hygiene stations are available for family use.



If your child has had a minor incident this will be documented on an accident form and you will be asked to sign the page and a copy will be provided if requested.



Changing bookings

Families may make a request in writing to change their days of education and care. Due to operational requirements, these cannot be offered on a temporary basis (i.e. reducing days for holidays). The service will take these requests into account where possible.


Casual booking are available for children using a service in the centre, please see the admin team for more information


Cancellation of bookings

Families are required to provide 2 weeks WRITTEN/EMAIL notice for cancellation of care. If the family fails to attend during this period, without a medical certificate, fees will still apply, but you will not be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (where applicable)


Organisation Information

The Deniliquin Children's Centre is a not for profit, community managed Incorporated Association. Our Approved Provider is the volunteer Management Committee, elected at the AGM in October each year.

Deniliquin Children's Centre Constitution

As we have grown considerably over the past few years, we need to change organisation type to a not for profit Company.

The service we provide to the community will not change. 

The Management Committee have developed a DRAFT  Constitution . 

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