The Deniliquin Children’s Centre is a community based, not for profit organisation whose vision is to create safe, happy, stimulating environments in rural communities where children are supported to reach their potential and learn life long skills.

Organisation information

The Deniliquin Children's Centre is a not for profit, community managed Incorporated Association. Our Approved Provider is the volunteer Management Committee, elected at the AGM in October each year.


Deniliquin Children's Centre Constitution

As we have grown considerably over the past few years, we need to change organisation type to a not for profit Company.

The service we provide to the community will not change. 

The Management Committee have developed a DRAFT Constitution


Management Committee

The Deniliquin Children’s Centre is a not for profit, community based organisation.  The Management Committee, take on the responsibilities as the Approved Provider of the services and as an employer. They ensure the strategic direction of the organisation.

The Management committee for the Deniliquin Childrens Centre is decided at the Annual General Meeting in October each year.

Annual Reports

Each year the Annual Report is presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Our Future

The Vision, Mission and Values of the Deniliquin Children's Centre drive our strategic planning to ensure we will continue to provide valuable care and education for many generations to come.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our current Vision, Mission and Values were developed in 2017.

Our Vision

Educating rural children from the mind and heart

Our Mission

To create safe, happy, stimulating environments in rural communities where children are supported to reach their potential and learn life long skills

We care for and help the development of children, families and educators in our Centre


A diversity of people feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and can contribute their perspectives and talents at our Centre


We have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others


We are honest and have strong principles


To be in our Centre creates feelings of great pleasure and happiness


We have an intense enthusiasm for the work of early childhood education

Our Values

Strategic Plan

Our current strategic plan operates from 2018-2021

Our Goal:

To be recognised for high quality, play based learning programs in safe, natural and inclusive environments

We will:

  • Implement the highest quality standards

  • Consistently deliver, articulate and promote the benefits of play based learning

  • Use evidence based practice to inform decision making

  • Advocate for the rights of all children to access and actively participate in our programs

  • Maintain the safety and condition of our physical resources

Our Goal:

To build strong and collaborative relationships with children, families and communities

​We will:

  • Implement systems that develop collaboration within our service, our Centre, our community and the wider early education community

  • Actively demonstrate our commitment to respectful relationships with children, families, staff and the community

  • Create regular, transparent communication with families

  • Develop our relationship with the Aboriginal community

Our Goal:

To be an employer of choice that supports a motivated and qualified team

​We will:

  • Develop support systems that contribute to staff wellbeing

  • Create and retain a motivated, confident and qualified workforce

  • Embed leadership development initiatives for the Centre

  • Actively strive to increase diversity of our workforce

Our Goal:

To be a well governed, financially sustainable, value driven organisation

​We will:

  • Create a culture of continual improvement through critical reflection and professional learning

  • Be financially sustainable, ensuring equity and viability

  • Align our governance model with contemporary governance principles

  • Create safe, inclusive environments

Our Goal:

To be a community leader in environmental sustainability

​We will:

  • Engage in sustainability initiatives

  • Embed sustainable practices in our services

  • Minimise our carbon footprint

  • Showcase our achievements