Children's Health and Safety

Delivery & Collection of Children Policy (Download PDF)

An accurate record of child attendance is critical to ensure that there is a record of the children being cared for or educated by the service and that the correct child/staff ratios are being met by the service. Practical and safe approaches to the delivery and collection of children at the education and care service will promote a smooth transition between home and the service, assure the completion of the required records and confirms the child’s presence or absence from the service. This ensures a child’s arrival and departure at the service continues their safe care and custody and that the service is meeting its duty of care obligations under the law.


Disease Prevention & Immunisation policy (Download PDF)

This policy is to read and be used in conjunction with the 5th edition of Staying Healthy– Preventing Infectious Diseases in Early Childhood Education and Child Services. This document is to be referred to for further information relating to infectious diseases.


Excursion Policy (Download PDF)

The organisation acknowledges being actively involved in the value of relevant excursions in allowing children to gain a greater insight of the community in which they live and learn from these experiences. The service will actively seek to minimise any risks associated with excursions and respond promptly and appropriately to any emergency whilst on an excursion. Educators will educate children and families regarding safe road (or other transport) and play practices.


Hygiene & Infection Control Policy (Download PDF)

The Deniliquin Children’s Centre aims to promote and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all of children, educators and families using procedures and policies to maintain high standards of hygiene and provide safe food to children. We also aim to reduce the risk of infectious diseases and illnesses spreading and following appropriate WHS standards. A holistic and consistent approach by all individuals including educators, staff, children, families, visitors or other persons attending the Centre to health, hygiene and safe food across the service will help to effectively meet this aim.


Medical Conditions Policy (Download PDF)

The centre and all educators can effectively respond to and manage medical conditions including asthma, diabetes and anaphylaxis at the service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, staff and visitors.

Nutrition Policy (Download PDF)

The Deniliquin Children Centre recognises the importance of healthy eating to the growth and development of young children and is committed to supporting the healthy food and drink choices of children in their care. This policy concerns the provision of healthy food and drink while children are in care and the promotion of normal growth and development.

Sleep and Rest Policy (Download PDF)

Deniliquin Children’s Centre has a duty of care to ensure that all children are provided with a high level of safety when resting or sleeping while in care. Educators will follow the child care practices recommended by the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping program to reduce the risk of SIDS and create a safe sleeping environment.


Physical Environment Policy (Download PDF)

Deniliquin Children's Centre  provide a stimulating environment that continually engages children and fosters their learning and development while ensuring their safety and that of educators, families and visitors. The safety of our environment is of utmost importance, and this policy outlines how this is achieved. 


Relationships with Children


Family Involvement (Download PDF)

Our guiding philosophy recognises that it takes a village to raise a child, and that families are to be respected as the foundations of the children’s learning. Communications between family members and the service are considered crucial for a child to reach their full development. Therefore, we aim to provide an environment where there is a strong emphasis on family and service communication to allow consistency and continuity between the home and the service environment. By encouraging family members to be involved in the service, we aim to provide a service that best meets the needs of our community.


Inclusion Policy (Download PDF)

At Deniliquin Children’s centre advocates for every child’s right to be valued as an individual and as a contributing member of their family, centre, community and society. Our centre will ensure that every child has access to, and participates meaningfully in, high quality early childhood education that is aligned with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Interactions with Children (Download PDF)

At Deniliquin Children’s centre our fundamental belief is that children's learning, development, and wellbeing are firmly anchored in reciprocal, responsive, and respectful relationships that are attuned to the context of children's lives within their families and community.




Collaborative partnerships with families and communities


Enrolment and Orientation (Download PDF)

To ensure each family’s initial association with the centre is managed sensitively and supportively while building the foundations for an ongoing partnership.

To ensure the service collects all the information necessary to be able to provide quality care and education for all children.

To ensure the service obtains all the information required to meet our legal requirements for licensing, insurance and for government funding.




Governance and Leadership


Code of Conduct Policy (Download PDF)

The Deniliquin Children’s Centre uses this code together with our Values and Behaviours guide as a basis for evaluating professional conduct, and as a reference tool for the thought processes that inform pedagogy, including actions and reactions towards professional conduct, relationships, views, influence and position within communities and society. Ethical conduct guides the behaviour and decisions within the service and is underpinned by respect for, and the valuing of children, families, educators and staff, and the extended service community.


Fee Policy (Download PDF)

The Deniliquin Children’s Centre is committed to providing responsible financial management of the organisation, which includes setting fees that will result in a financially viable and quality service on a not-for profit basis.


Photography Policy (Download PDF)

The Deniliquin Children’s Centre recognises the use of photographs as a way of celebrating achievements of obtaining publicity, while respecting the rights to privacy and confidentiality of the subject of the photograph.


Privacy and Confidentiality Policy (Download PDF)

The organisation is committed to its legislative responsibility to protect the personal information of its stakeholders.